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 What We Provide

Musky being released

The Boat

We fish out of a fully equipped 20' Ranger. It is wide enough and long enough to be safe on the water.


Our quality rods, reels and lures can be provided as part of your trip. Our aim is to provide the best fishing experience possible and clients are welcome to bring their own equipment if they would feel more comfortable. If you do bring your own gear, please ensure your reels are equipped with a good quality braided line over 60lbs. The recommended line for the area is 80lb to 100lb Power Pro, or similar braided line. We have a large selection of high quality lures for trolling and casting.

Handmade musky lure
We provide everything needed for fishing musky on Georgian Bay
  • A clean and modern 20' boat and motor with a kicker motor

  • All the best tackle and rods you will need

  • All safety equipment including life jackets, flares, whistle, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and a cell phone

  • Modern electronics

  • On the water education about the area, casting patterns, trolling patterns, modern techniques used to catch, handle and release big fish.

  • Last but not least an educational and fun-filled experience.

Musky gill plates

Trolling or Casting

We specialize in casting and trolling techniques for giant muskies. Mixing it up  by doing both casting and trolling is recommended to increase our chances of successfully catching muskies. We can cater to your style and preference of fishing.

Trophy Musky Replicas

We are 100% catch and release for all musky. However, if you do catch that giant fish of a lifetime, we can provide accurate measurements and digital pictures. We can also a provide information about where to have an excellent replica mount made to hang on your wall!

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