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Georgian Bay Area

Georgian Bay is one of the most beautiful areas in Ontario. We hope you will come visit us and see what Georgian Bay has to offer.


If you are one of many anglers that believe big water equals big fish, then Georgian Bay should be the place to catch the next world record.


Georgian Bay, which is situated in the northeastern portion of Lake Huron, has all the necessary ingredients to produce giant musky and big pike. Georgian Bay is so big it's practically a great lake in itself. This massive watershed dilutes angling hours with many areas experiencing little or no fishing pressure all year. The Bay has other big fish, with record walleye, tiger musky, northern pike, huge and plentiful bass, gar pike, sturgeon, trout and salmon, giving anglers opportunities to catch multiple species, all within the same general area. There are hundreds of miles of bait filled waters to search for these giant fish. Georgian Bay produces fast-growing musky, with the average 48-inch musky being only 7 to 11 years old! The Bay has already yielded plenty of big musky, with many over 50lbs, including some over 60lbs. This includes Canada's biggest musky, a verified 65-pound I.G.F.A. world record. This record musky measured 58" long with an amazing 30.5" girth and was estimated to be about 29 years old.

Georgian Bay is a structure fisherman's paradise with countless miles of excellent musky, pike, walleye and bass habitat. Prime areas include the thousands of islands, bays, points, saddles, reefs and shorelines. The water is mostly clear with visibility as much as 20 feet in some areas.


The Georgian Bay strain of musky are much bigger and thicker than most inland lake muskies. The average size is in the 45 to 49” range but its not uncommon to have multiple 50" + musky in the boat some days. It's actually rare to catch musky under 40 inches and fish over 50 inches are far more common than fish under 40".  While fishing for Musky it's also not unheard of to catch multiple pike a day with some reaching up to 20lbs+.

PLEASE NOTE:  In order to safeguard our fisheries for future generations, our policy is 100% catch and release for all Musky. Incidentally caught pike, walleye, bass, trout and salmon may be kept if in-season, and at the sole discretion of the angler.  We can help you get a replica of your catch if you would like one!

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