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Giant Georgian Bay Musky Giant Georgian Bay Musky from the Moon River


Craig (Oregon)

Three 50 inch musky and a 48 incher in one day made my trip a great success and I've recomended Georgian Bay Musky Charters in the past a will in the future. Great Service and great guide..

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Other Species

In the past I've been asked by many anglers to guide them to other species like bass, walleye, pike and even gar pike. Normally I would pass them on to other guides in the area because I wasn't equipped with the right gear for these species but over the last 2 years I've done a number of multi-species guided trips and had a lot of good success. This year I'm fully equipped for multiple species and I now offer guided trips to guys interested in fishing for smallmouth bass, walleye and pike. This is also a great idea for guys with kids since the kids will likely have more action and more fun fishing for bass and pike. You even have the option to start out fishing for musky and then move to another species later in the day..

Georgian Bay Bass Fishing

Tournament Area Bass

The area I guide for bass in is so good that there is a number of tournaments done there each year. Rich wth a nice bassIt's not un-common to catch 30 to 50 smallmouth bass between 2 and 5lbs and we've caught and seen them over 7lbs. I use and teach tournament bass style techniques to anglers which include methods like crankbaits, spinnerbaits, drop shotting, jigging and top water methods. Largemouth bass is also available in this area. The best times for bass are late June through to September. Top water action can be great in July. At times we run in to schools of what seems to be hundreds of smallmouth bass moving through the shallows. Action can be hot at times with double headers very common. Dont wait to book you trip!

Times : July 1st to Oct1st   (I don't guide Bass anyother times)

Dave with a nice LargeMouth Bass A bog smallmouth for Dave Reed with a nice bass

Georgain Bay Pike Fishing

The bay is full of pike in the 1 to 4lb size and at times we'll get over 60 landed in just few hours but 5 to 10 landed in a day is normal. How Chris with a nice pikegood the pike fishing is depends on the daily conditions. Big pike is also a possibility and occasionally we get pike over 10lbs and as big as 23lbs but this usually depends on the time of year, the area and the techniques used. I know how to find big pike during the summer months but that usually requires going deep for them. Pike fishing is just another species option for those anglers that are interested in this type of fishing.

Times : July 1st to October 1st   (I dont not guide pike outside this time)

22lb Pike from upper Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay Walleye

The walleye on the bay can be hit and miss but they are there and you can try your luck for walleye that can reach sizes of 16lbs.

Times : July 1st to October 1st   (I dont not guide walleye outside this time)

Georgian Bay Walleye 

Georgian Bay Gar Pike

There's times while fishing for musky when we'll encounter schools of garpike cruising near the surface and sometimes there's hundreds of them in the 3 to 10lb range with some bigger ones available. These leaping, hard fighting fish can be a lot of fun for anglers that want to try and catch then on spinning gear or a fly rod. Garpike fishing is very dependant on the conditions so during windy conditions they can be very tough to find and it's recommended to have a second species in mind as a back-up plan.

Booking a Multi-species trip

 When inquiring just let me know what your preference is and I'll do my best to get you into the species you want. Trips are 8 hours on the water.

  • 1 anglers $540.00
  • 2 anglers $540.00
  • 3 to 4 anglers $640.00
  • (3 or 4 anglers is trolling only - no casting)
  • Contact Andrew to book a trip..

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